The Great Chariot Challenge


Did you hear about The Great Chariot Challenge?  The new and innovative fundraiser held by Focus School Swansea Campus?

It all began when a group of five girls were given the task of raising £2750 towards new IT equipment at Swansea Campus….

Well, to cut a long story short, after discarding many dreary, unimaginative ideas, like cleaning and cooking and selling things, these girls thought of holding a Chariot Challenge; and the fun began!

All the students from Year 3 to Year 13 were divided into six teams to raise sponsorship to design and build a roadworthy chariot.  The chariot must be able to hold at least 2 team members and must be propelled by people-power only.  Each team must raise at least £600 and spend no more than £80 on making their chariot.  And the task must be completed in six weeks.

On the agreed date, parents, friends and family eagerly gathered at Pembrey Country Park to watch the students test out their chariots.  The designs were amazing, and with much enjoyment, we watched a panel of judges assess the teams and their chariots on:

  • The creativity of their design
  • Their performance during various endurance tests
  • The amount of sponsorship money they raised
  • The amount of money they spent

It was a very happy day, where every child felt involved.  Watch our video to share the fun of The Cross-Country Rally, where the teams had to work together to bring their chariot along a cross-country course over varied terrain, and The Strength Tests, which were a series of challenges designed to test out the durability of the chariots.  Prepare for many laughs along the way!

If you are already a sponsor of the Great Chariot Challenge, then we would like to thank you very much!  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we hope you enjoy the video!

Following the event we created a 34 minute video to show the highlights of the day; this video and an extensive selection of photos are now ready to be downloaded and enjoyed!  As we’re sure you can appreciate, a huge amount of work went into organising this event, from the students raising donations and building chariots to the events team spending many late nights pulling together the details.  So although there is no obligation, we would really appreciate a donation towards this event in return for unlimited access to the video and photos.

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